Saturday, April 9, 2011

coLAboration Beer Garden

Dawn and I made the trek from Santa Monica to Burbank this Saturday morning (11:30) for the first coLAboration Beer Garden of the season!

We headed straight for the beer:

Mine (Stone DDH Sublimely Self Righteous)
Hers (Coronado Red Devil)
We grabbed some food Tony's was offering:
vegan egg salad sandwich
pretzel (came with spicy mustard)
(Eagle Rock Populist)
(Eagle Rock Manifesto)

rad Arrogant Bastard coasters

The Bruery Lokal Red & Mad River Jamaica ESB (more stone coasters)
grabbed a sausage from Tony's

Taps Barleywine & Eagle Rock Populist (#2)

They had ins & outs which was AWESOME so we went for a coffee break at the donut shop! We also stopped into the thai food place on the way back for some more food/sobering up time ;)

ok OOOONE more and we'll leave.

It was also almost closing time (about 6:20) and getting pretty chilly.

This was sooo much fun and we definitely will be coming back to the upcoming events, hopefully with a bigger group!