Tuesday, February 15, 2011

grrrlz night out (vday adventure)

Earlier I went to Hugo's Tacos and got a soyrizo/potato burrito with salsa negra & add Daiya cheese (no pix..)

Went to Tony's Darts Away (for the first time!) for their 2nd Annual Compassion Over Killing Valentines Day party with all vegan beers and food menu!
Double Daddy & Big Daddy (Speakeasy Brewery)
Country Fried Streak Sandwich
Maple-chipotle glazed sweet potato fries
Beer Brat with creole mustard, chili paste, slow-grilled onions and pickled jalapenos.
Point Reyes (Marin Brewery) & Red Velvet (Eagle Rock Brewery)

We made our way to The Otheroom where we had an Oaked Arrogant Bastard and a Rouge Dead Guy Ale both on tap (they have an AMAZING selection of beers, check it out!).

Then off to La Cabana for some $4 margaritas and a giant bowl of freshly made guacamole (good drink specials & open until 3am, last call is at 1:45am). If anyone knows if the beans have lard or the rice has chicken stock let me know! I am always down for a giant burrito at 3am.

We tried to go to a few places in between, but they were all dead past midnight.

YAY for adventures!! :D