Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving (Leftovers) !

First year back in a few years at a family friends annual Thanksgiving dinner. Drank a few manhattans and ate 2 giant plates of food. There was a lot of vegan food that people brought so I didn't leave hungry! Thank you I love you all!!

clockwise: roasted root vegetables (made by dad), roasted garlicy brussel spouts (made by a guest), vegan/gluten free rice stuffing (made specially for my dad and I by our hostess), roasted garlic mash potatoes and gf mushroom gravy (made by me) and Field Roast hazelnut/cranberry stuffed roast.

Missing - sauteed kale with mushrooms, onion, garlic & red pepper flakes (made by me), vegan candied yams (made by same guest), cucumber/tomato/black olive greek salad - minus feta (made by another guest) and vegan/gf Pumpkin pie (made by mom).

(PS: pictures on this blog can be clicked to view larger)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Leftovers Awesome via Daiya pt2

CPK Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant Pizza on Thin Crust without cheese, add Daiya

Making Leftovers Awesome via Daiya pt1

Plain Fries from Swingers
Spray with oil
Sprinkle/toss garlic seasoning
Shred Daiya on top

Sunday, November 14, 2010

choco chip cookies

just because

Native Foods Culver City Pre-Opening!

I was lucky enough to go to the new Native Foods in Culver City Pre-Opening party last night! I brought my 3 best girls and we had a blast! Everything was so yummy (as usual) and the staff was very friendly, I can't wait to go back!
mmm we will eat all of you...
and drink all of you...
(minus one bill - I bought a cookbook for my dad!)
some of our beers/wines

chikn fingers, Baja Surf tacos
Yo Amigo Taco Salad, Nuevo Native Nachos
Rockin Moroccan bowl/sweet potato fries
En"cha-cha"lada bowl/more chikn fingers
the spread
some of the desserts - cardamon, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LA Vegan Beer Fest

This Saturday I went to LA Vegan Beer Fest with my good friend Martin (who isn't vegan!) We got there a little late but it was still enough time to try all the beers and eat lots of food.
From the Seabirds Truck hummus nachos, potato and jackfruit taquitos and the locals burrito.
I forgot which hot dog we got from The Franken Stand but it was soo good.. it might have been the Franken?

We headed over to Doomie's a little late so the buffalo legs were sold out! But we still picked up some taquitos and a shrimp cocktail.

VIP lounge