Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

bday Wish list

Ok I know this isn't a fashion blog but since I have been lazy and not posting food pix, and my bday is this friday, I thought I would share some of my fashion lusts (that are vegan)!
Pamela Love talon cuff
Stella McCartney faux suede chain trimmed bag
Cri-de-Coeur 'Scout' boot
Olsen Haus 'Resistance' boot (fall '10)
Of course a new tattoo.. or two 0;)

And I would really like 2 of these doughnut baking pans!

Follow Us!

So I know we haven't posted in a looong loong time... but I just signed us up for twitter!

Whoooo! So follow us and see all the awesome stuff we are doing, like right now- I am eating a giant slice of honeydew in my pjs ;)