Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cupcakes and Pizza

Today was special because I got to visit Jamaica's Cakes and pick out my birthday cake!! Yay! I wont ruin the surprise yet but it's going to be delicious. I have never been there but I heard so many good things about it so I went ahead and got a cake without even trying anything else from them! But I did order a red velvet cupcake to go and mmmm yummy. I thought red velvet always had cream cheese frosting on it but this tasted more like butter cream, but it was still very good.

Now maybe I wont have to drive over to South Pasadena to get my cupcake fix like I did last week! Jk!! My Sweet Cupcake is worth the drive they have more creative flavors like last week they had margarita, the Elvis (peanut butter/banana), and plain vanilla. Vanilla was eh and the Elvis was pretty good but tasted like a banana muffin with peanut butter frosting, which is good but not quite a cupcake, but the margarita was definitely the best!

If Purgatory Pizza did not offer vegan pizzas then I don't know what we would do about stay-in-bed-drunk-watching-TV-on-DVD-all-day days. We would probably eat lots of bbq chips (and me sour patch kids or mambas) from the local mini mart or stumble Downtown/Echo Park somewhere but that would require not staying in bed all day. Last night we got 2 large pizzas yay! One was Field Roast Sausages/mushroom and the other Gardien Chicken/garlic.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Joint

Since I live in Culver City I don't go to Vegan Joint as often as it seems from my posts. But as far as Thai Vegan places are concerned I'd rather stay local and eat here! Its also on the way to where Jeff works. So the other day before work we decided to head over there for some lunch. Jeff got what I usually get, the most delicious combination of breakfast or any meal ever, tropical chicken pancakes. Its "tropical" (bananas and blueberries) pancakes, with a side of fried chicken. Why is chicken and pancakes so good together? I dont know. Its probably the same amazing deliciousness as fried chicken and waffles, which I have never had. And if that wasn't enough food, he got a side of grilled potatoes. I wanted to try something new so I ordered the spicy noodle soup. It was really good! The broth was just spicy enough and it tasted like it has some kind of citrus oil to it maybe lime? I love noodle soup like ramen and udon etc but this soup was different because they used a flat rice noodle. It also had tofu and the fish in it so for the money its the best noodle dish on the menu since everyother dish only has tofu and is $2 to add meats and thats what I was drawn to the most about this dish in the first place. It was a good change of pace and the fishies were really good in the soup. Til next time vegan joint...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bad..bad blogger

Ok.. its been a while since I have updated. Bad me. But I come bearing pictures of delicious food so it's totally worth the wait right?

This is my attempt of making some kind of fake chicken, and it came out good except instead of brushing them with hot sauce I sort of maybe drowned them in the hot sauce. SO you live and learn. But the taste of chicken came out well I wanted to start my making of fake meats with something small so I don't ruin an entire meatloaf or something!

For Easter I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (yuuuumm... oh wait I have leftovers brb!!)

Jeff hasn't been feeling so great the past week so one day for lunch we went to Scoops and got balsamic raspberry on both and I got almond oreo and Jeff got pistachio. Amazing as always:

The other night after a long photo shoot day we ordered the chicken pesto pizza from Purgatory. It was the first time we tried their new meat offerings and boy was it good! I was just wondering why our pizzas always look so sad compared to when people get it at the store? Sad as in flat not in amount of cheese. Maybe it deflates on the way over?

Last but not least today I was extra early to work so I stopped over at Manis Bakery for some lunch for breakfast. I ordered the classic club with side caesar (vegan style). Remember when I went to Swingers and I was upset that the waitress didn't care to ask if I wanted soy milk with my coffee since I ordered a vegan meal, well the lovely waitress today did! Now even though I usually take my coffee black and don't really care all that much that I wasn't offered soy milk at Swingers its just nice to ask! I never had the club here and it was SOOOO goood. Way better than some places with their sketchy "veggie" clubs. I can eat that breaded seitan for every meal!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I go here often since it is very close and delivers. Since tonight was a sit-in-front-of-the-computer-and-work-all-night night I ordered delivery and ordered a few of my faves including the fish wrap (no sprouts!) and the hot wangs:

Homemade Lunches

Just a few pix of some sandwiches we have made recently.

Sloppy Joe with a chicken patty and bbq sauce on an english muffin:

Philly Cheesesteaks with Morning Star meal starters portobello mushrooms and onions (no green peppers today) with FYH Cheese on a French roll:

Coco Renos Long Beach

Coco Renos is part of the Reno Room in Long Beach. It's open til 2 has beer and booze no lard or chicken stock and they have a lot of vegan options such as mushroom and tofu. You can get tacos (soft flour tortillas) or burritos (you can get them wet) salads etc. For a taco stand that is open late I enjoyed my meal and it was really nice to have refried beans and rice with my meal which I have been craving for a while now! Just make sure to ask for no cheese and no sour cream! Here is the mushroom taco combo and a tofu and mushroom wet burrito.