Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cupcakes and Pizza

Today was special because I got to visit Jamaica's Cakes and pick out my birthday cake!! Yay! I wont ruin the surprise yet but it's going to be delicious. I have never been there but I heard so many good things about it so I went ahead and got a cake without even trying anything else from them! But I did order a red velvet cupcake to go and mmmm yummy. I thought red velvet always had cream cheese frosting on it but this tasted more like butter cream, but it was still very good.

Now maybe I wont have to drive over to South Pasadena to get my cupcake fix like I did last week! Jk!! My Sweet Cupcake is worth the drive they have more creative flavors like last week they had margarita, the Elvis (peanut butter/banana), and plain vanilla. Vanilla was eh and the Elvis was pretty good but tasted like a banana muffin with peanut butter frosting, which is good but not quite a cupcake, but the margarita was definitely the best!

If Purgatory Pizza did not offer vegan pizzas then I don't know what we would do about stay-in-bed-drunk-watching-TV-on-DVD-all-day days. We would probably eat lots of bbq chips (and me sour patch kids or mambas) from the local mini mart or stumble Downtown/Echo Park somewhere but that would require not staying in bed all day. Last night we got 2 large pizzas yay! One was Field Roast Sausages/mushroom and the other Gardien Chicken/garlic.


Lex said...

wow you two don't mess around, that looks like heaven!

Lex said...

Jamaica's is the coolest! I lived right by there and it took me months to check it out, I had no idea it was going to be such a neat place! I was thinking like the country Jamaica and it being like tropical cakes, lol so I was never motivated to make it there. Turns out Jamaica is the owner/baker and she always has vegan treats on hand ready for drop ins as well as her unbelievable made to order menu!