Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tender Greens

I got my salad! My mom and I ordered take out from Tender Greens which is about 5 min from the house but it was too cold and windy to hang out there. It was nice that she could get something meaty while I can get something veggie. I got the grilled veggies salad (without parmesan) and roasted tomato dressing. Next time I think I will order the dressing on the side because the veggies were most of the flavor and I could hardly taste it! But it was a pretty good combination of veggies with fennel, asparagus, and mini carrots and parsnips just to name a few. I'm not sure if the roasted roma tomato bread soup with basil is ok but I'll as the next time I'm over there. There are many other different vegan options, one named happy vegan, and most of the small salads which you can get grilled veggies on and they don't look at you funny if you ask for a salad without meat.

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