Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road Trip to Arizona!

Road trips are known for eating horribly and we did not shy away from that! Del taco for br/lunch, many bags of bbq chips and cans of rock stars to keep us alive. Luckily we actually found some good eats here and there so it wasn't all bad!
First day on the road we stopped to stuff our face at the Happy Family Chinese vegetarian restaurant over in Monterey Park. Heres just some of what we ordered:
lunch special side of soup and rice and tea

one of the dishes sliced sausages in sweet cabbage

Then its off to AZ!
We ate at this amazing place Green in Tempe. We ordered crab cakes buffalo wings the Argentine po-boy and a rocky road soft serve! YUMMY!

Our last day in Mesa we just headed over to the mall for some veg burgers with grilled mushrooms and onions with a side of fires and a cherry coke!

Down in Tucson we went to the Lovin Spoonful. That too was delicious!
Beer battered brats with honey mustard sauce

Route 66 bacon cheese burger with a side of potato salad and baggy of chips

Jeff ordered the non-tuna melt and subbed for a side of broccoli cheese soup

Friday was a long hiking day and luckily there was a Whole Foods on the way so we just ate from the deli. And the last day we just grabbed some Green Burrito with cris cut fries for the road home.

All and all it was a great eating trip! Who knew there was so much yummies in AZ? A lot of the time it was fast food and beers before bed. At least there was Whole Foods and Greens mini market to hold us over in the in between meals snack department!

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