Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swingers brunch

Jeff and I went to Swingers today for brunch after debating whether or not to go to Flore again or to M but we decided on Swingers because we needed a salad or something less carbo than our road trip meals. Jeff ordered the vegan cob which really isn't much of a salad but more like goodies on top of some lettuce. Those fried onions... SO GOOD! We also ordered fries (with a side of tahini) and the weekend special of vegan choco chip pancakes. So pretty much we didn't do such a great job with not carbing up. Maybe the week we will be better, but I have been craving Ethiopian food as well as sloppy joes so we'll see how that goes! Now if you order vegan items from the menu wouldn't you think that maybe the waitress would ask if you would like soy milk with your coffee or margarine with your pancakes? Apparently not. And apparently "veggie" does mean vegetarian and not vegan because bacon at swingers is morning star.. how sad. Now I know never bother ordering something from a vegan friendly restaurant unless its clearly stated vegan. The cob was great like always and the pancakes would have been even better if they had margarine and more syrup. But I can't complain too much because it was pretty busy and I did get to stuff my face with yummy food on a beautiful blustery sunday afternoon.

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