Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LA Vegan Beer Fest #2!

The Second Annual LA Vegan Beer Fest at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip was SOOO much fun! If you missed it then... I don't know what to tell you. Great beer, ALL vegan food, good bands, friendly attendees. The only negative was a got sunburned, meh. I went with fellow American Hot Pants blogmate @HelloDianaMarie. We got there early (VIP.. you know..) and stayed until the end so there was plenty of time for eating and drinking. Sadly we didn't get to try all of the food (Veg-It-Up, Luscious Organic Desserts, Franken's, Fresh Fries or Mandoline Grill) and I am probably missing a lot of the beers, but there were so many! Also check out my recap of last years LAVBF. Enjoy!

VIP Lounge -
In the VIP section they have 2 or 3 beers they don't offer outside.
The glasses were different (I liked last years better).

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwhich
Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

Franken's -

colLAboration had a booth where you could purchase glasses for the upcoming beer gardens

After Seabirds we ONLY ate Doomie's because it's delicious and cheap. The best deal ever.

chocolate covered bacon

Fresh Fries & Mandoline Grill trucks -

Sweet tat bro!

crowd shot!

Poquito Potito from Doomie's (mashed potatoes, cheese, bacon & green onions DEEP FRIED)

Eel River -

gumbo from Doomie's made with Upton's Naturals seitan
mac 'n' cheez from Doomies

Doomie was walking around in an adorable bunny outfit informing everyone about corn dogs.. how could we NOT get a corn dog!

another one of Diana's sweet temp tats (from Hemp Ale)

After the fest we went to Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to watch the Warriors! We grabbed a bag of kettle corn from Mad Kettler to snack on during the movie. smart.

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