Tuesday, June 7, 2011

coLAboration Beer Garden #2!

Had a great time at the first coLAboration Beer Garden (check out last post here) so I brought my good friend Diana this time (another veggie babe who is into beer!) We arrived a little before 3 which was kinda late since it started at noon, but we did manage to stick around until 7.
(Stone truck #1)
Firestone Union Jack
Ommegang BPA
After one beer in we needed food, yay Truly!
Inside the (very loud) tent
chkn sandwich
the It's a Wrap!
Hangar 24 truck

Russian River IPA
Idiot IPA (blurry/lopsided image.. how appropriate)
Stone truck #2 (the arrogant bastard one)
Stone dbl Dry Hop Ruination
Russian River Redemption
It was such a nice day!
Lost Abbey Angel's Share
Bear Republic Apex
And then this happened:

Last beers of the day! Diana got a Maui Coconut Porter & I had another Apex (no pix, it would of been blurry anyway..)


Tony said...

Looks delicious! Looks like they have a great beer selection. I actually just started homebrewing. My first beer is bottled (Belgian White) and my second is fermenting (Nut Brown Ale).


Unhealthy Vegan said...

thanks man! good luck on home brewing! let me know the results :D

quarrygirl said...

i can't believe i missed the crowd surfing!

my favorite two beers that day were the bear republic apex and lost abbey angel's share...so good!

i can't wait until the next collab on july 9th.

Unhealthy Vegan said...

yea the Apex is really good! I'm not too sure if I will go to the one on the 9th since there will be 3 in a row at that new location.