Tuesday, July 6, 2010

soyFish tacos

soyFish (from asian market)
lemon or lime
olive oil
cayenne pepper and garlic salt or powder
shred and chop!

slice up football fish
fry with olive oil and braggs
add a little spice
continue frying until a little crispy and browned
cook corn tortillas

vegenaise, salsa and lemon/lime juice
mixed to taste
assemble and enjoy!

1 soyFish makes about 10 tacos


Kari said...

looks soooo good! Where is this asian market located?!?!

Fatty Mcfatties said...

we go to Diho Market in Artesia but there are others called the 99 ranch that I believe have all the vegan soy meats too!

Kari said...

Awesome! I google "Diho Artesia" and got an address. I'm totally going to make these!! Thanks!

Angie said...

I have never even heard of soyfish - can you describe taste and texture? Sometimes I have a guilty craving for fish and wonder if this might hit the spot....

Fatty Mcfatty said...

Its not chewy and it sort of "flakes" like fish does. If you cook it in the pan or bbq its better to give it a little crunch. The seaweed wrapping makes it more of that fishy taste. You should try it though its really good!