Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cheese Test!

I have been in a food rutt. Nothing tasted good any more and all I could think about was pizza. Ever since the vegan cheese bug hit LA all I could think about was pizza. When would I eat pizza again. When could i get my fix. I thought why not just buy a bunch of cheese and make your own pizza and test out which cheese you like the best! So thats what I did. Here is the test between Cheezly Teese Follow Your Heart and Daiya:



follow your heart:


I love how Cheezly melted but it may have melted a little too much into a pool of oil. Still it resembled real cheese on pizza but hardly had flavor.

Teese was good but it has a weird plastic look to it. But it sure does taste and smell good!

Follow Your Heart melted really well (despite people claiming it doesn't) and it tasted great and didn't really have any strange after taste or smell.

I probably have to buy the Daiya again because it came already shredded and it didnt melt as well as at Cruzers or I have seen on other blogs. Plus the Daiya sort of has a strange taste in the beginning then has a good after taste which is weird.

The results are the FYH is classic and easily available to buy and doesn't have any weird look smell or taste to it. I will buy Teese again (i have before and used it in baked pasta and was delicious!) I will also try the Daiya from the manufacturers and cut it up myself to see the results. And I most likely wont buy Cheezly again just because it was the most expensive and even though it was the best melted didn't amaze me with anything special. I chose not to test Sheese because I bought it before (when I bought the Teese) and I just didn't like it or thought it melted well at all.


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different results and daiya instead of sheese. but its good to get other perspectives on these products.